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cardboard_dream's Journal
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Date:2011-01-01 14:26
Subject:2010 Predictions

This year I attended a talk by Jesse Schell where he talked about a great many things, but one idea that stuck with me was that the act of predicting is a skill that can be improved with practice. This thought has inspired me to make my own set of predictions. So here are my predictions for each of the next 5 years, and then one more for 10 years out.

Predictions below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-12-14 15:16
Subject:Economics According to Dad

My dad, a.k.a. "ConstantNormal", fairly regular sends out mass emails with his thoughts on economics, the government, Apple products, as well as a variety of other topics, and often I feel his emails would make better posts on a blog than mass emails. However, the thought of posting such things in public does not appeal to him. For this email though, he has given me permission to publish this to a wider audience, so I'm posting it here for those interested in reading it.

Enjoy!Collapse )

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Date:2010-05-03 22:00
Subject:You've been drafted!


Find out more below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-04-22 20:08
Subject:Dear Art Critics...

Recently, I've seen a number of different reactions to Roger Ebert's latest claim that video games can never be art, and a variety of postings supporting his claim as well as disputing it.

Unfortunately it seems like the majority of people arguing with Ebert are going about their arguments in completely the wrong way. They keep citing video game after video game that he should play and then reconsider his judgment, but they too are missing Ebert's point.

Yes, internet, you are wrong, and I correct you below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-04-05 14:57
Subject:Today's Internet Forecast

It seems today is a very good day for internet. Sure there's an iPad front moving in from the west, and there are still a few ripples to ride out from April Fools shenanigans, but there are some new gems out there that are not to be missed.

click for larger image

Today's forecast is below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-04-04 22:06
Subject:Words with Friends Anyone?

Do you have an i-device with a touch screen? I've recently been introduced to the Words with Friends app and I'm hooked. If any of my iFriends already have this app installed, feel free to send a challenge to "Karma Adjuster" and we can duke it out in a duel of words.

For my non iFriends, it's a simple scrabble-esque game that allows trash talking in the background. I figure if I can't win on the board, maybe I can at least win at trash talking.

(I also have chess with friends installed too)

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Date:2010-02-13 01:48
Subject:Does this make me gullible?

So I think I may have been tricked tonight. I was expecting to go out clubbing but ended up with a slightly different evening. Below is the conversation that lead up to the night’s adventure. You can decide for yourself if I was cleverly mislead, or I’m just gullible.

Here is the conversation in question:

 Jean : Hey Jason
 Me : hi there
 Me : what's up
 Jean : ooh not much
 Jean : just wondering what your sentiments were on drywall?
 Jason : in what context?

The full conversation is below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-02-07 00:44
Subject:Missed Connections

To the waitress at the Bourbon and Branch...Collapse )

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Date:2010-01-31 20:25
Subject:Global Game Jam Success!

In less than 48 hours, with only four others I managed to do what Slipgate was unable to do in over 4 years. Publish a game! There's something to be said for accepting one's limitations and working within them.

Click the screen shot to play the game!
(and be patient, it's a bit of a download)

Details about the weekend adventure below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2010-01-01 21:02
Subject:My 'Aughts

In the end, all you have are your stories. Every year that you don't have at least one story, be it good or bad, is a waste of a year. The following are my own abbreviated adventures that I experienced from 2000 to 2009. For each and every adventure, there's a story to go with it. May you enjoy my journey down memory lane just as much as I did.

My full adventures are below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2009-12-15 22:59
Subject:LBP Design Challenge

I'm giving myself a design challenge:
Create a Little Big Planet Level in Ten Days

But which level idea should I create? You can help decide!Collapse )

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Date:2009-12-08 19:32
Subject:Bah humbug and all that.

My flatmates are throwing a holiday get together at my warehouse this Sunday and I've been informed that there will be karaoke involved. Normally, I wouldn't be so cruel to subject the people I care about to such torture, but my flatmates are making me invite my friends.

If anyone is interested in coming over and helping me survive the holiday cheer, you are most welcome to join me. I have board games as well as a Wii and a PS3 in case karaoke isn't your thing, but if karaoke is your thing, you can still come. I promise to still be your friend afterward.

Excruciating details below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2009-11-29 13:12
Subject:Zoom Sketch Series - 20

Specimens in jars lie trapped on shelves.

<< Previous Zoom Sketch - Next Zoom Sketch >>

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Date:2009-11-25 17:33
Subject:An exchange with Microsoft Support

I recently was introduced to this hilarious site and it reminded me of an email exchange of my own that I had with Microsoft Support regarding an email my father sent me.

Below is the full exchange in chronological orderCollapse )

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Date:2009-10-30 15:29
Subject:Uh oh... I appear to be famous.

I was catching up on my internet this afternoon when I stopped by the Cracked.com website to see what today's Craption image was and I had to do a double take.

<-- click to check out today's craption

When I checked it out, the winning craption was "Dick in a box" and I'm really hoping that pretty much any of the other craptions over take it and jump to the lead.

I knew fame was unavoidable. I just didn't think I'd hit it so soon.

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Date:2009-10-03 21:52
Subject:Decompression - Can I get a lift?

In light of my recent car theft, I'm without transportation. Is anyone else heading that direction on Sunday and able to swing by Brisbane on their way.

I'm also planning on bringing one of my cardboard suitsCollapse )

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Date:2009-09-30 23:23
Subject:Zoom Sketch Series - 19

The shovel-headed dragon digs his tiny holes in the jar of dirt.

<< Previous Zoom Sketch - Next Zoom Sketch >>

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Date:2009-09-26 04:23
Subject:Burning Man 2009 Adventures

Just about three weeks after burning man and I'm finally done cleaning off all the desert dust from my gear. That's not to say that everything is clean. I'm just done with cleaning.

The full adventures below the cutCollapse )

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Date:2009-09-24 11:53
Subject:I want!

If anyone knows how to make or obtain one of these please let me know

I think I'd like at least two. (click image for video)

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Date:2009-08-11 23:29
Subject:A Lament to Plastic Storage

A Lament to Plastic Storage
By Jason Lentz

Oh Tupperware, oh tupper where...

Just eight months ago, you were sixteen,
But today barely one can be seen.
Your white cupboard which was once your home,
Now stands abandoned, left all alone.

Oh Tupperware, oh tupper where...Collapse )

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